Add users to your podcast with Springcast

Add users to your podcast

The Springcast platform makes it possible to add extra users to a podcast show.

In this article we explain how to add an extra user, what rights this user has and how to manage accounts for clients.

Add a user

1. Go to and login
2. Select the podcast show you want to add a user to
3. Select 'team members' in the dashboard menu on the left
4. Submit the e-mail address(es) of the user(s) you want to add to your team
5. The user(s) will receive an e-mail which grants access to your podcast show. Please note: this e-mail might pop up in the spam inbox 

Users and rights

There are two different rights when it comes to a podcast show

1. Administrator
2. Editor

The administrator is the one who created the podcast and hosts the subscription of the show. The administrator has all rights  within the Springcast account. The editor is the user who is added to the podcast by the administrator. An editor can adjust podcast settings, upload episodes, adjust episodes, gather statistics. An editor can't delete episodes or manage users. Those rights are reserved for the administrator only. 

Managing customer accounts

Are you a podcast producer and managing podcasts for your clients? In this case there are a few ways to work with your clients: 

1. Ask your clients to create their own account and podcast with Springcast and instruct them to add you as an editor
2. Act as administrator on behalf of your clients and create an account and podcast for them. Add your clients as users.

If you choose option 2, know that you're the one paying the subscription fee. You can always bill your clients in order to get that money back, of course. 

There is also a third option. Springcast hosts a special partner program for podcast producers, editors, composers and other podcast professionals. If you want to know more, check our information about our Springcast partner programme.
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