Adding chapters to your podcast player

Adding chapters to your podcast player

Would you like to make it possible for listeners to navigate between different chapters in your podcast episode? You do this by adding chapters to your embedded player. We will show you how. 

Adding chapters to an episode

1. In the dashboard, go to 'episodes'
2. Click on the specific episode
3. Click on 'Chapters'
4. Click on 'Add chapter'

5. Then enter the title of the chapter. Note that your first chapter always starts at 00:00:00. Then click on 'Create chapter'

6. Adding another chapter? Click '+ Add chapter' again and add the desired time code. Note that the previous chapter ends at this time. 
7. Want to check out the chapters or share the player? Navigate to 'share' in the left-hand column. Here, you can see where the chapters have been placed and you can share the player from a specific chapter. The link to your episode and the embed code will be adjusted accordingly. 

Tip! Do you send newsletters? Easily add links directly to that particular chapter in your episode. Do you share your episode on socials? Then you can share a specific excerpt. Handy!

Do you have questions about using chapters? You can ask your question to our support: ;D

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