Podcast analytics | Difference download & unique listener

Podcast analytics; what is the difference between downloads & unique listeners

Thank you for using our Analytics Suite to analyse your listeners' behavior. In this article we'll explain the difference between downloads and unique listeners, because we frequently receive questions on how exactly our Analytics Suite works. 


Every time someone listens to your podcast, we register a download. With download statistics, we don't look at the person behind it. So if someone listens to your podcast episode several times, we register several downloads. 

Unique listeners

With 'unique listeners' we mean the person listening. It doesn't matter how often this person listens to your podcast episode, he or she still counts as one unique listener. We can manage this data by checking the IP address and the device used to listen to your podcast.

Sometimes people listen to your podcast from the same IP-address at the same time, for instance within an organization. In that case it's best to use 'downloads' as a more accurate indication of the number of listeners. 

Want to know more about our Analytics Suite? We explain how it works in our article about Springcast Podcast Analytics.

Happy Podcasting!
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