Generating transcriptions of your podcast

Generating transcriptions of your podcast

Add subtitles to your podcast: you can do this with the Amberscript integration in Springcast! The subtitles appear in the Springcast embedded player and on the podcast website. Want to read more about transcription and why it can be useful? You can read that here.

What do you need?
Springcasters with an Growth package can generate the transcripts in Springcast. You need a paid subscription with Amberscript for this. You can choose a product here.

Ready to get started with the transcripts? The steps can be found below.

Insert the Amberscript token in Springcast

Through Amberscript's customer service, you can request a token you need for Springcast.

Have you received the token? Copy it and then perform the following steps:

1. Click on your show in the Springcast dashboard
2. Click on 'Advanced'
3. Paste the token in the 'Amberscript token' bar 
4. Save the settings

Generating transcripts

To generate the transcription of a specific episode, do the following:

1. Click on the 'Episodes' tab.
2. Select the specific episode
3. Go to 'Settings'
4. Click on 'Transcription'
5. Press the 'Request a transcription' button
6. Depending on the length of your file, this may take around 15 to 20 minutes. So wait a while and then refresh the page.

Now you will see the text of the episode appear. Do you see a mistake in the text? Hover your mouse over the text, select the piece and then edit it. Don't forget to click 'Save'.

This text will now appear in your embedded player and on the podcast website! Need help or is something not working? Then email, we will help you as soon as possible ;D

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