The hidden podcast & private podcast

The hidden podcast & private podcast

Most podcast shows are public and can be found on search engines or at Spotify, Apple and Google. But sometimes you want your podcast to be available for a selected audience only. For instance if you're hosting a premium podcast, or a podcast for internal use within your organization only. 

That's why with Springcast it's possible to create a hidden or private podcast. This is a standalone podcast show. Once you select one of these options, all of the episodes of your show are either hidden or private. This is why we recommend you to always create a special podcast just for hidden or private use should you want to create such a show.

The hidden podcast

A hidden podcast cannot be indexed by search engines.  Anyone who has received a link to your podcast website can listen to this podcast. An additional option is to place the podcast player of your hidden episode in a secured area of your website. 

Just make sure your webpage is secure and well hidden and your targeted audience will be able to listen to your podcast without being indexed. 

The private podcast

The private podcast works a little differently. This podcast cannot be found by search engines either, so it's not indexed like public podcast. But for people to be able to listen to this podcast, they must receive an invitation via e-mail. All you have to do is submit the list of e-mail addresses you want to send your podcast to on a Whitelist. This way you're granting them access to your private podcast. You an also retract their access by simply removing their e-mail address. 

Do you wish to grant a large group of people access to your private podcast? In this case, use a csv file

Once you've granted people access, they receive an e-mail with a unique link and token attached. This link with the token lead your audience to your private podcast website, where they can listen to your podcast. The link can also be shared with third parties, but you'll be able to see who shared the link.

If you really want to protect your podcast completely and keep personal data such as a list of e-mail addresses private, then we have the perfect solution: your own private podcast app. 

Custom Podcast App

Springcast offers the possibility to buy your own podcast app with your company branding. This way the only ones gaining access to your podcast(s), data and possibly sensitive information are the people within your organization. The app is available for Android and iOS devices in the PlayStore and App Store.

Interested? Contact our support and we'll link you to one of our specialists.

Share a hidden episode

Hosting a public podcast show, but want to share an episode to a selected audience? We've got you covered! You can share a secret link to an episode that hasn't been publicly published (yet) on Spotify, Apple, Google or any of the other podcast apps. If you want to know more about this, check out our article about sharing an episode with a secret link.

Have fun podcasting!

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