Share a hidden podcast episode via a secret link

Share a hidden podcast episode via a secret link

There are several options for sharing your podcast with your audience. With Springcast, there are actually five ways ;-) 

  1. Via a public podcast show: this show is published on Spotify, Google, Apple or any of the other podcast apps 
  2. Via a hidden podcast show: you can invite your audience to listen to your entire podcast show via a link 
  3. Via a private podcast show: your audience can only listen to your podcast show if they are on a mailing list (Whitelist)
  4. Via your own branded podcast app: this app is for internal use within a company or organization
  5. Via a hidden episode: share a secret link with a selected audience

This article focuses on the last option: sharing a link with a selected audience. 

👉 Want to know more about a hidden or private podcast?  Read this article.
👉 Want to know more about the own Branded Company app? We're happy to send you our Whitepaper about this subject.

Springcast allows you to publish an episode that is only accessible to people who receive a secret link from you.

Upload the episode you want to secretly share and plan the episode far ahead (e.g. 1/1/2030). Then copy a secret link, which you can share with your audience.

You can find this link by going to 'sharing' in the episode menu of your Springcast dashboard. Copy the second link in the screen (see screenshot below) and you can share the link however you want. 

At Springcast, we're constantly developing new features. If you have questions about sharing a secret link or if you have a special request when it comes to sharing your podcast with your audience, fee free to contact our support team. 

Happy podcasting!
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