Can you record a podcast with a smartphone?

Can I record my podcast using a smartphone?

Yes, you can! A standard dictaphone app is certainly an option when you're a beginner. You can also use free software such as Garageband (Apple) and Audacity (Windows and Apple) to record your podcast.

Just make sure you always use an mp3 sound file for uploading your podcast. This is the only extension we support. An mp3 extension is mandatory with apps like Spotify, Apple and Google.  

If you have a different extension (you can check this by looking at the details of your file on your smartphone), you can convert your file to mp3 using an online converter.

Say you have an m4a extension and you want to convert it to mp3, search for "m4a to mp3 converter" in your search engine and plenty of services will pop up. If you want to know more about this, check out our article about this.

Want to know more about recording your podcast using your smartphone? Check out our blog Recording podcasts with your iPhone or Android.

Happy podcasting!
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