My podcast is not approved by Spotify, Apple and/or Google

My podcast is not approved by Spotify, Apple and/or Google

You have created your podcast show with Springcast and uploaded your first episode. You're well on your way ;) 

It's good to know that Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts have their own guidelines when it comes to approving a podcast. Sometimes your RSS feed doesn't quite meet those guidelines...

Rejected or error message, now what?

Did you register your podcast with Spotify, Apple Podcasts and/or Google and you're now being informed that your podcast is not approved? Or you've received an error message?

Here are some solutions for approving your RSS feed:

1. Check the podcast artwork. Is it square? Does it have a 3000×3000 pixel size? Is it a .png or .jpg file?  You can check this by selecting the file and choosing "show info". 

2. Make sure your sound file is an mp3 file with a bitrate of 192 or more. You can check this by exploring your sound file by selecting the file and choosing "show info".  

3. Have you filled in the required fields (fields with the asterisk symbol)? Submitted a public e-mail address?

4. Have you published at least one episode? You can check this by going to the Episodes menu in your Springcast dashboard. 

Bear in mind that it takes directories such as Spotify, Google and Apple Podcasts up to 5 week days to approve your RSS feed. So there might be nothing wrong with your RSS feed. In some cases, it just takes the directories longer to approve your feed. 

Happy podcasting!
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