Private podcast | Mails to members via Whitelist

Private podcasting: how to mail your members with Whitelist

With Springcast, it's possible to create a hidden podcast or a private podcast. In this article we'll explain how private podcasting works. 

Create private podcast member list

When you create your podcast, you can choose if you want your podcast to be public, private or hidden.

1. Go to and login
2. Select 'distribution'
3. Go to Private Podcast Show at the top of the screen and slide the button to the right (the button will turn green)
4. Now a member list appears; we call this a Whitelist 
5. Submit the first and last name and e-mail address of your member(s)

Now every time you publish a new episode, your members will receive an e-mail with two unique links: one to your podcast website and one to your new podcast episode. 

Adding Whitelist members

You can also add the members via a CSV file. That's easy ;D.

When a new member is added, he or she will gain access to the episode and the podcast website with all the other episodes.

NOTE: It's good to know that members can share the link they receive, which means third parties can potentially listen to your podcast as well. You will know who shared the link, because every member has a personal token, which you can see as the host of your podcast.

Branded Podcast App

If you want to make sure all of your data (e.g. e-mail addresses and episodes) is protected, you can choose to host your private podcast in a personal branded podcast app. Contact our support team for more info and we'll connect you to one of our specialists. 

Happy podcasting!
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