Springcast processing agreement

Processing personal data and concluding processor agreement

Springcast is GDPR-compliant, which means that we consciously choose which tools we work with, as can be read in this article. In addition, Springcast's General Terms and Conditions (Article 6) explain how we handle personal data. Below, we take you through the agreements on data processing.

Processing data, what do our Terms and Conditions say?

Art 6.1 provides that Springcast's customer shall inform us of how personal data is to be protected.
Art 6.2 and 6.3 stipulates that Springcast's customer is responsible for the personal data that Springcast processes on their behalf
Art 6.5 stipulates that if the supplier (in this case Springcast) acts as a processor in the field of personal data, chapter 2 of the conditions also applies.

When to take out an additional processor agreement or compliance?

Sometimes, however, you as a customer may have additional wishes regarding provisions, or your institution may have its own processing agreements or processing requirements, or these may be set out in its own procurement terms and conditions (for government bodies, for example, Arbit or ARVODI).

It is then possible to draw up a custom processor agreement (custom DPA) in cooperation with our privacy officer. A custom DPA can always be purchased in combination with an annual subscription; costs for a custom DPA are €50 per month (+ the subscription fee).

It is also possible for government agencies, banks or schools that require compliance to purchase Compliance Onboarding. Compliance Onboarding is part of our Enterprise subscription, together with a custom DPA, high-priority support, a dedicated account manager, etc. If you have any questions about taking out an Enterprise subscription, please contact us using this form.

Of course, it is also possible to simply take out a monthly subscription, but then it is not possible to enter into your own processing agreement.

A custom DPA (Non-Standard processor agreement) is available in English on request. If you would like to receive it, please contact support.

In conclusion

If different conditions are introduced, we draw up a separate processing agreement to which both parties (can) agree. Springcast records all these agreements, adjusts protocols where necessary and secures all agreements internally.
Ultimately, the user, the party who purchases from Springcast, is responsible for the personal data they allow Springcast to process and can therefore make their own choice about the elaboration, interpretation and coordination thereof.

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