Audio Polish: This is how it works!

Audio Polish: how it works!

First, we will show you how to polish a new episode. Then we will focus on polishing already published podcasts. First, let's explain how to use Audio Polish on a new episode.

Step 1: Upload your audio

If you are an experienced podcaster with us, then this will look familiar. In this menu, you upload your audio file, give your episode a title and a number, and drop in your show notes. Once you've filled out everything, you can start scheduling your episode.

Stap 2: To polish or not to polish: that's the question

To make it as easy as possible for you, we will take you directly to Audio Polish after scheduling. Here you can choose whether to polish your file or not. No hard feelings, of course 😉 No hard feelings.

It is important to know that Audio Polish will overwrite your existing file with the polished version. Not completely satisfied after polishing? Don't worry, you can just upload your file again. 

Step 3: Let's do some polishing!

Ready to try? Then click on 'Polish now' and we will do the rest! It may take some time before your file is ready. So go and get a cup of coffee. You can also leave the screen, because we will let you know if your file is polished when you come back.
Please note: you can only polish your file once.

Step 4: Happy podcasting

Finished your coffee 😉 Or finished what you were doing? Refresh your podcast website and you're all set to launch your podcast into the world.

Polishing existing episodes

Would you like to polish existing episodes? You can! With Audio Polish you can polish all kinds of podcasts, both private and enterprise. Because Audio Polish will overwrite your existing files, we can imagine that you might be a bit wary. We have a handy tip for that. We'll get to that 😉 But first...

Step 1: Select your episode

Click on the episode you want to polish.

Step 2: Select Audio Polish

Select Audio Polish from the menu.

Step 3: Let's polish

Now you can polish your existing episode. Since Audio Polish will overwrite your current file, we recommend you to try Audio Polish on a new episode first. That way you can hear what it does with your own ears. If you are not satisfied, just upload your new episode again. 

Step 4: Happy podcasting

Are you going to polish?

In this article we have explained how Audio Polish works and what it can do for your podcast. Because we find it very important to be up-to-date with our tools, we are constantly improving Audio Polish.

And that's where you come in! We at Springcast would love to hear what you think of Audio Polish. So please share your experiences by sending an email to our support team.

Happy polishing!

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