Where is my data stored with Springcast?

Where is my data stored?

All of our data is stored on servers in the Northern part of The Netherlands. We talk about Dutch data centers on our podcast hosting page, but what exactly does that mean? And where exactly are your files?

Well... we thought it would be nice to share that information with you. Especially because we think it's important. On the map below you see a red marker above the city of Groningen. Here, we store all of our data. 

When we talk about data, we mean your podcast files and your customer data. The entire order processing and transactional data takes place on our servers in Groningen. 

All of our data is hosted within the EU. In fact, we feel strongly about using 'local' services. Our policy is: 

If we can host in The Netherlands while maintaining quality and capabilities, we buy in The Netherlands.

Want to know more about our data processing? Please don't hesitate to ask. You can contact us at support@springcast.fm. Always happy to help!

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